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Netrhino UTM Firewall

The Netrhino UTM Firewall appliance is a network security solution that easily integrates your existing IT infrastructure, providing top notch features to help you focus on your business instead of spending valuable time handling IT security issues.

Launched at Infotech 2006 by TuxLab Ltd, the Netrhino solution won us the Infotech prize for Innovation as being the first Mauritian firewall brand built on open source and targeting SMEs.

Since, the Netrhino has been adopted by several companies in the advertising, hospitality and leisure, consulting, education, manufacturing, construction, public utility, business process outsourcing sectors where it made satisfied customers. As of 2020 we have deployed over 70 Netrhino installations all over the island.

Find out how the Netrhino can assist securing your IT infrastructure by contacting us for a meeting.


The Netrhino UTM Firewall appliance is a network security tool that easily integrates your existing IT infrastructure, providing top-notch features to help you focus on your business instead of spending valuable time handling IT security issues.
Powered by a FreeBSD as its underlying operating system, the Netrhino provides up to eight fully configurable Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to allow Network Administrators to create multiple LANs, DMZs, WAN links and physical network zones as it suit their needs.

The Netrhino also integrates a transparent proxy and caching engine with a flexible content filter which scans http content for potential viruses and malware. A robust blacklist based filter allows blocking out websites or specific URLs from being accessed by system protected by the Netrhino. To
alleviate the eternal race between new content appearing on the WWW and updating blacklists, the Netrhino also allows adminstrators to filter content based on keywords found in a web page. The Netrhino device can be configured to allow selective access to the WWW with user-authentication either via a locally-administered user account system or by fetching authentication information from an existing LDAP/Active Directory or Radius server in your company.

The Netrhino also offers rich WAN management features such as Load Balancing, Policy Based Routing, Link Failover and that across multiple pools!

To ensure your business continuity, the Netrhino offers a failover solution where a backup device is ready to assume responsibility for taking over, should your primary device fail.

Key features


  • HTTP/HTTPS web interface to appliance.
  • Up to 8 ethernet connections.
  • Multi-WAN support (Policy routing, failover, load balancing).
  • Supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging.
  • Configuration backup/restore (plain and encrypted)
  • Filtering Bridge mode.
  • Quick setup wizard


  • Stateful packet filtering and logging.
  • Connection rate limiting/OS-type filtering.
  • Initial Sequence Numbers (ISNs)/TCP SYNFLOOD protection.
  • Inter-firewall rule synchronisation for failover.
  • Multi-WAN Policy routing based on firewall rules.
  • NAT/PAT (including 1:1 NAT).
  • Incoming/outgoing load balancer pools.


  • IPSEC, OpenVPN.
  • PPTP VPN passthrough.


  • RRD bandwith usage graphs on individual ethernet interfaces.
  • SVG real-time bandwidth usage graph.
  • Web access reports (top users, top sites, lan host-remote host stats, data transferred, timeframe, denied content etc.).


  • Transparent proxy or non-transparent proxy mode.
  • Radius, Local, LDAP, Active Directory proxy authentication.
  • Filtering policy groups based on authentication.
  • Site/URL blacklisting/whitelisting.
    Extension/mime-type filtering.
  • Blacklisted/Whitelisted LAN hosts.
  • Live virus scanning on HTTP content.
  • Site/extension/URL/mime-type virus scanning exclusions.
  • Keyword-based HTTP filtering (5 levels of tuning).
  • Keyword group blacklisting/whitelisting.
    Tunable proxy caching.
  • Download/Upload filesize limit.
  • Upstream proxy support with proxy-authentication.
  • Upstream proxy hostname/username forwarding.
  • Local authentication management interface.


  • TCP, UDP, ICMP, ESP, AH, GRE, IPv6, IGMP and more…


  • Packet matching based on IP TOS values.
  • Lowdelay, throughput, reliability, congestion TOS support.
  • SYN, ACK, FIN, RST, PSH, URG TCP flags settings.
  • RED, REDIO, ECN, ACK/Lowdelay schedulers.
  • HFSC (Hierarchical Fair Service Curve) queueing.
  • Traffic shaper wizard allows quick shaping of VoIP, P2P, Gaming and commonly used protocols.
  • Queue graphs.


  • Interface assignment and IP addressing.
  • General debugging and maintenance tools.
  • Reboot/Halt, ping, firewall logs, proxy logs etc.


  • Open/Local/RADIUS authentication.
  • HTTP/HTTPS login interface.
  • Whitelisted passthrough MAC addresses.
  • Banned Source/Destination IP addresses.
  • Administrator defined custom portal page.
  • Portal User Management.
  • Credentials expiration date.
  • Voucher token generation.


  • Mail filtering gateway.
  • Connection logging.
  • SMTP rate limiting.
  • Greylist(delaying) support.
  • RBL service provider support.
  • Virus scan engine.
  • Attachment filtering (blocked, trusted and scanned).
  • Spamfilter.


  • DHCP server, DHCP client, Dynamic DNS Clients supporting RFC 2136 dynamic updates.
  • Wake-on-LAN client.
    DHCP relay.
  • DNS forwarder.
  • SNMP V1 server supporting MibII, NetGraph and PF modules.
  • SNMP traps to remote server.


Netrhino UTM Firewall Model NxGen 5625

Processor: Intel Atom® D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core
Software: Release 2.4.5 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB DDR-3
Storage: 500 GB SATA HDD
Network: 8 X 1Gbps Full-Duplex Ethernet. Intel Chipset
Management: Web Interface, SSH, VGA Console
Other: VGA, 4 X USB, CE Compliance, RoHS compliant

As the Netrhino is in constant evolution, the product specifications are subject to change without notice.