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Frontier E-mail Gateway

Frontier is an innovative E-mail gateway solution enabling customers to operate their own e-mail server over dynamically addressed low-cost connections such as ADSL and FTTH

Typically, this is not recommended by industry specialists for numerous reasons, a few of them being:

  • Dynamically assigned IP addresses are prone to being blacklisted on anti-spam blacklists  and mail servers using those blacklists will reject messages originating from those blacklisted addresses.
  • When using a dynamic DNS service to map a IP address to a hostname, there is usually a little delay before your hostname is updated, after an IP address changes. During this delay, incoming messages will reach a possibly rogue SMTP service which may catch sensitive messages.
  • Spam filtering mechanisms usually assign a higher spam score to messages that are sent from a dynamic IP.


In 2007, to address a requirement of a customer, we built a solution based on Open Source components that delivers mail to your mail server over a Virtual Private Network. Because Frontier operates at the network level, the system is compatible with any SMTP-conversant e-mail system, such as Microsoft Exchange, Communigate, Postfix, sendmail, qmail etc.

The VPN component of the setup, being an Open Source implementation, is compatible with popular server operating systems such as MS Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OSX etc!

Once your system is subscribed to Media Spin Frontier gateway, a VPN session is established to our dedicated server operating in a data center abroad. Incoming messages for your domain/s will be received by the Frontier server which will process messages, before delivering it to your server, over a SSL-secured VPN link. The system also features a failover service in another geographical region should our primary facility experience downtime.


  • SMEs can operate their own mail server solution in-house, without the need to subscribe to costly, dedicated links with their ISP.
  • Together with the Netrhino UTM Firewall appliance, two WAN lines may provide Internet connectivity to a business. One for users and one dedicated to the mail service.
  • No licensing costs. A flat rate for each server connected to Frontier, meaning you may have large numbers of mailboxes/domains on your server.
  • Highly-configurable e-mail filtering capabilities.
  • Frontier uses an open source anti-virus implementation which has a huge signature database and constantly growing!
  • Administrator notification of message delivery status. If a hazardous message is blocked or delivered, a message