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Open-source Solutions

UTM Firewall

The Netrhino UTM Firewall is a locally developed and supported UTM Firewall solution using Open Source Software by Media Spin Ltd since 2006. Various SME and big companies in Mauritius have adopted the solution for the past 14 years. Discover how the Netrhino solution can help your company address network and security issues.

E-mail Gateway

Frontier is a high performance email-gateway solution targeted towards local companies who wish, for various reasons, to have an in-house e-mail server and yet not invest in costly dedicated internet connections with fixed IP addresses.

Managed DNS

With its importance often overlooked by several companies, Media Spin Ltd offers managed DNS for its customers who require an enterprise-grade DNS service through an Anycast network with DNSSEC, a powerful API, Dynamic DNS and priority support just a phonecall away.

E-mail Server

Today’s cloud-driven e-mail model does not necessarily suit all businesses. For local companies that require an on-site e-mail server, Media Spin Ltd has extensive experience since 2005 building stable and high-performance e-mail servers on GNU/Linux operating systems. With a proven track record in the field, find out how we can help design and build your in-house e-mail infrastructure with SMTP/POP/IMAP transports secured with SSL/TLS, rich web-based messaging interface, DAV calendaring and address books to name a few.

Dedicated server design/hosting with

When Virtual Hosting simply does not cut it and the need for a dedicated server is primordial to a business, Media Spin Ltd strong with its over a decade of expertise in the field will gladly listen to your needs, design and setup dedicated GNU/Linux servers, set-up your operating system, application software and support you throughout the life of the service with our fanatic support service. We currently work with data centers such as Iron Mountain and OVH.

Among others, we have designed and built dedicated servers for a leading tour operator’s B2B requirements, for a leading company in the digital signage business and an in-house video conferencing platform for a company in consultancy.